Steaming hot romantic evening!

Steaming hot romantic evening!

Beat the winter this year with some lovely lingerie and a steaming hot romantic evening!

It’s that time of year again. The cold weather that makes us want to sleep in late and do nothing. It can be depressing sometimes as the world seems dull and lifeless. I know I’m also one for the summer rather. But there is nothing we can do about it, we must only make the best of it indeed. Lingerie seems like something you would only want to wear when it is hot and warm weather. I must say I use to think the same but now I totally disagree. Lingerie can make a cold evening so much more exciting and alive.


Beat the cold and the winter this year. Don’t let go of feeling good and energized. Don’t stop eating healthy, still go to the gym, try your best to stay positive so when summer comes “I mean winter is only a short period” you will still look and feel amazing. Keep your loved one intrigued. Keep the spark alive and still show interest even though its freezing cold sometimes.


Light up the fireplace and if you don’t have one a heater will also do the job. Get some romantic music, light some candles, get good food and some delicious red wine to heat you up. Make it a warm, nice atmosphere. Then to top it off you would need to get yourself a beautiful lingerie set. You can always wear a lovely robe over it just to cover yourself a little bit. Nothing will warm you up like hot, steaming love making hehe. This is a great way to make the winter go faster… And don’t forget how much fun it can be. Keeping the spark alive always are really important. You want to keep your lover’s attention all the time. Don’t you think planning such a sexy evening would really keep him interested?


Have a look at items that would work lovely for such an occasion. Let’s stay away from black for now “although I LOVE black lingerie” cause we need to bring some colour to the party.  A beautiful red babydoll and thong set.

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