Sex and spice and all things nice!

Sex and spice and all things nice!

Wearing beautiful lingerie is all about feeling good about yourself and giving yourself the gift of power. It’s all about letting the inner goddess shine through and embracing your femininity and sexuality. Remember that you are the boss – own your power as a woman! Tone down the bright lingerie colours for autumn and winter to burgundies and black but remember who owns the heat meter!

So, what are the first pieces of clothing you put on before leaving the house? If you think the answer is a bra and panty, you are partially correct. But if you like hoses, wear them! But then you do the proper thing – you put those pins in killer heels and stilettos and own the look. On the other hand, less can be more – after all, it is your choice what to wear and what not to wear… you will know best when to lose the rest!

How many ways are there to start off the day in a good mood? Don’t count the ways… luxurious lingerie is the only way! Women love to wear them and men love to stare at them. Oops – there may be other ways to leave the door with a smile! It is all about bringing fun into a relationship!

Lollipop Lingerie is unique, sexy and sizzling hot – just what a woman needs to spice up her love life! Play dress-up for the one you love or surprise your partner with kinky corsets and racy lacies. Bring the fun and fantasy back into your sex life – boring bedrooms are now officially banned! Add just enough spice to tease or torment your partner… your way…

Every woman needs lingerie that makes her feel beautiful, lovely, wanted and adored – no matter what her shape or size. Plus-sized? Transform yourself into a divine diva! Embrace your curves – you are a worthy, confident woman and deserve lingerie that skims your skin and supports you in the right places!

Lollipop Lingerie says good-bye to granny panties and ill-fitting brassieres that don’t do a thing to perk you up. Gone are the days of the so-called ‘sensible’ beige and boring undies. Why are you doing this to yourself? Bring sexy, sassy and sensual back into your life!

Need a man to get you racing to the nearest lingerie shop? Stop right now! You don’t need a special occasion to wear nice undies, so step into those barely-there thongs and balconette bras. Tease with teddies and girly garters that make you feel comfortable, invincible and untouchable. Only you need to know or spill the secret…




    1. Baie dankie Yolindie vir die voller figuur reeks . Ek voel vroulik en wonderlik oor myself.
      Vriendelikke diens en aflewerings is vinnig. Dankie Lollipop Lingerie.

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