Lux Fetish 3 Piece Adjustable Neck & Wrist Restraint Set




Let go all control and allow the stimulation from your partner to take over your body!

Explore your limits of bondage play with the beginners friendly Lux Fetish 3-piece Adjustable Neck & Wrist Restraint Set.

This upper-body restraint set may look intimidating with its straps and chains, however it is made with first timers in mind.

It features an adjustable collar, as well as adjustable cuffs that are all padded for ultimate comfort.

Each restraint secures by Velcro that is both extremely secure but also easy to remove at a moment’s notice for your safety.

Along the center chest strap are a series of D-rings that can be used to easily secure the cuffs anywhere along the strap.

Experiment with the wrist cuff attachment to explore a variety of kinky scenarios.

The set also includes a blindfold to explore sensory play by removing the sense of sight to enhance other physical senses.

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