Luster Glo Glutathione Serum (Work absolutely magically for maximum results for anti-aging and pigmentation)


Luster Glo Glutathione Serum

An advanced glowing formulation harnessing the full anti-aging and brightening effects of Glutathione and Actiwhite, combined with the anti-aging and collagen-stimulating effects of Matrixyl.


Glutathione is a tripeptide amino acid, also known as the master anti-oxidant of the body. Glutathione inhibits tyrosinase – the enzyme responsible for producing melanin (dark pigment) in the skin. It is also responsible for increasing moisture to the skin, making the skin more supple thereby reducing fine lines. Its anti-aging benefits are achieved by accelerating the skin cells’ metabolism resulting in new healthy cells being produced faster.

Actiwhite act synergistically with Glutathione to inhibit tyrosinase, reducing melanin in the skin, offering brighter skin with a reduction in age spots.

Matrixyl is a synthetic peptide used in skin care as it stimulates collagen production of the skin which results in anti-aging effects, and plumper healthier looking skin.

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