WINTER Endeo Perfume. Lollipop Owner/Founder/CEO Yolindie’s Choice!


“Winter” by Lizandra Winter is the first fragrance in the Lizandra Winter range.


A scent that is distinctly vanilla with jasmine undertones, Winter encompasses an array of earthy, sweet and fruity flavours, to remind that the cold winter months also contain hidden beauty, and strengthens us in our core.


Categorised under “Spicy – Woody – Sweet floral”, Winter cradles iconic ingredients such as rose, cashmere and beanilla vanilla. This perfume celebrates women who live to go against the grain, upstream and outside the box.

Creative and quirky, yet determined and headstrung! Winter-women are enduring and strong, and truly appreciate uncommercial beauty.


Winter’s precious bottle, is reminiscent of the season, etched off like a frozen raindrop, the hues speak of the clarity one experiences during Winter. Stripped down to the core, where the real you is exposed, challenged and strengthened so that it can grow in depth at season’s end.


Winter – Lizandra Winter

55ml Extrait de Parfum

Swiss imported oils

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