Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Male Masturbator




A compact, versatile and satisfying option!

Fleshlight men’s sex toys can be used for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance and stamina.

The Quickshot Vantage is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight and its unique fully exposed orifices on each end means that it can be used as supplementary stimulation during blowjobs, handjobs or simply as a solo masturbation aid.

Equipped with a circular wave like texture, enter via either end and watch every satisfying moment through its entirely clear case and sleeve.


– Open ended patented clear SuperSkin sleeve
– Compact clear case
– A compact internal texture for satisfying stimulation
– Sleeve caps on each end for convenient storage

Extend your pleasure to the shower and enjoy your Quickshot hands free

Easy to use and clean, simply this Quickshot is best used with a water based lubricant

How to care for your Fleshlight:
Rinse thoroughly with warm water and liberally spray Fleshlight’s official toy cleaner,  inside and outside the sleeve. You can potentially use an isopropyl alcohol spray for this too. It is advised not to use generic sex toy cleaning spray or soap as these cleaners may degrade Superskin over a period of time.

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