We all need a few super sexy and hot bottoms in our cupboard don’t we? It is important to have hot and sexy panties, hotpants, thongs and g-strings in our lovely range of lingerie… not only to feel sexy ourselves but also to keep your loved one intrigued. Nothing hotter than having a sexy little number under your work clothes. We have a wide variety of hot bottoms. Something for ever taste and body-type. We have lovely and soft feminine g-strings and hotpants, items for everyday wear as well. Then we also have some super hot and kinky thongs, g-strings and hotpants to choose from. There are items made of stunning soft lace, mesh and also hot vinyl. We also saw the massive need for crotchless and open buttock panties and thongs. A lot of clients were interested in these and that is why Lollipop Lingerie has a huge range of these hot sellers. There are loads of different colours and interesting and unique styles as well. We certainly have anything and everything to choose from. We have a large range of bottoms as we know there are a lot of clients who totally love these items. So if you don’t find what you are looking for at Lollipop Lingerie I can guarantee you will struggle to find it anywhere else in South-Africa. We try our very best to import as many styles and designs as possible every few weeks.