We might not have the largest range of corsets in South-Africa, but we certainly have the nicest and prettiest choices around. The corsets are also really reasonable priced as corsets are really expensive to import. We try to keep our prices as low as possible. But this doesn’t mean that our quality is low, in actual fact our corsets quality are absolutely perfect! We import only the hottest styles and we try to get a corset for every taste. Our corsets are really very high quality and it is stunning in every single way. Made of mostly beautiful silk, mesh or cotton and sometimes even n good mix of beautiful material types. We also have a few stunning and seductive kinky vinyl corsets. Corsets are so awesome. I personally love corsets as they can be worn with clothing like a plain black pants, a jean or even a skirt for a special night out. It will be a big hit and it is truly something unique. It is also a perfect item to wear with a long skirt or wide gown skirt for a special occasion like a ball or metric farewell. You have a two in one item because when you get home you can let go of the bottom part and have a sexy lingerie set on. Wear your corset with a hot thong, sexy garters and stockings to make a complete gorgeous set. Wear some high heals and jewelry and look like a sex goddess. A lot of bride 2 be’s loves corsets as it is perfect to wear underneath your wedding dress. Lollipop Lingerie has the prettiest corsets to choose from so don’t look any further.

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