Lingerie for a romantic getaway

Lingerie for a romantic getaway

What lingerie to wear when going on a romantic getaway?


This is a difficult question and you would think I “being a lingerie expert” would have the correct answer. I am in the very same situation now as I’m going away this coming weekend and I don’t have a clue what lingerie to take with me on this special occasion. This is a new love and I truly want to impress him. I need to make a statement. I have never worn lingerie for him so it must be the WOW Factor. So, what to wear?

I think you must ask yourself these questions first before deciding what lingerie to take along.


what is his personality like?

Is he shy, outgoing, an introvert, extrovert, funny, kidding type etc? I think it is very important to establish what kind of person is he. You don’t want to make him run away with something too kinky, but you also don’t want to bore him if he is an outgoing extrovert guy.


-what personality do you have?

It does not help you are trying to impress him by dressing up in something super kinky and hot, but you are a shy, introverted, sophisticated type of lady. And what would it benefit you if you try to dress up in something more covered and feminine if you are the fun and exciting type of woman? Try to think clearly what you are like and what do you like? What do you want for yourself? Men are totally attracted by the fact that a woman has confidence and she knows what she wants in bed as well. Don’t be afraid to be a bit stingy when it comes to love making you would be surprised how many guys love it when he can satisfy his lady. So try to let go and enjoy yourself.


-where are you going to?

This is also important to consider. Try to stick with the vibe. If you are going to a romantic classy place try to also look the part. If you are going to have pure fun don’t hold back.


-how long have you known the guy and can you trust him?

You don’t want to put yourself all out there with someone you hardly know. If this is your long-life partner or husband why hold back? Try something spontaneous and outgoing. Try to be a bit of a tease. If you don’t really know the guy so well then you would have to be a bit careful except if you are in it to have fun and have a good time. It’s all up to you as long as you are comfortable with yourself and him and also with the situation.


-find out what he likes

I know my new lover likes high heels with nothing else except maybe a thong haha. But I truly love lingerie and I want to wear it to feel and look like a goddess “even if it is only for myself”. So I went on my website and I saved a few pictures of items I like the most. I then sent it to him. Let him choose? Give him some options and then you can decide on the top 1 or 2 for the fun weekend away.


-what type of body do you have and what makes you feel comfortable?

This is very important. It does not help you choose a kinky and hot teddy lingerie item but you feel and look like a stuffed sausage. You must choose something that truly shows off your best assets. Do you have great breasts and “ok” thighs”? … then choose something like a sexy garter babydoll with wiring and cups that lifts your breasts even more, and covers the upper legs. Do you have a great stomach? Then take a sexy set that shows that part off the greatest. Don’t be foolish choose something that shows off the best of you. This will not only make you look your best but make you feel amazing and like a sexy beautiful woman.


Here are a few of my personal favourites for the weekend.


Remember just be yourself, have fun, enjoy life! Lingerie is there to enhance your sex life and that is why Lollipop Lingerie tries so hard to bring you awesome products at great prices. Choose something that suits your body type and personality. And most of all enjoy the weekend away. Feel spoiled.

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