Have you ever been so crazy in love

Have you ever been so crazy in love

Have you ever been so crazy in love? The can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t think kind of love. It drives you mad and you feel like a teenager all over again. When you find the perfect partner for you, it feels like you are in another universe, in another time frame and dreaming all the time. The physical and emotional attraction is so huge you can’t believe it and you can’t function in everyday life. Sparks are flying! Well sparks are an understatement these are fireworks. The cravings you have for that person are insane and mind-blowing. I might sound crazy but that how I’m feeling right now. I found the perfect man and I intend to keep him. I will do everything in my power to keep him happy and satisfied. He calls me his goddess and that is exactly what I will be. This counts in the bedroom as well. I will make him fall in love with me all over again every single time we make love, or have intense sexy sex


Keep the romance alive people! It’s so important to keep the sparkle and butterflies going to have a healthy relationship. Life is so short so live it to the fullest and being happy is a gift so cherish it every single day. Make your partner feel special by treating him or her with some sexy items from Lollipop Lingerie. www.lollipoplingerie.co.za.  I’m going to share with you my favorite items, the ones I’m planning to wear in the next few weeks for my sexy partner.


A romantic night to remember… buy some candles, a good bottle of wine, get some takeouts. Romantic music is always a winner. If you have a fireplace its perfect for the cold winter evenings or simply put on the heater to warm up the atmosphere. This is what I’m going to wear on a romantic evening. You want to look sexy but not to kinky as this is more a night for making love than having hot sex. This evening is more about intimacy. Pair these teddies with some beautiful stockings and high heels. As you know from my previous blogs I’m a HUGE Teddy fan.

Then, of course, we can’t forget the steaming hot kinky evenings. Sometimes we need to just enjoy each other and have lots of fun together. I really love dressing up in naughty lingerie. It makes me feel untouchable. Like my boyfriend say’s a “Goddess” 😊. Make his ultimate fantasies come true by treating him in one of these sets. I personally LOVE open cups sets. They are so sexy. Garters are always a winner. Most men like garters. A crotchless panty can also make him go crazy.

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