Corsets are the best!

Corsets are the best!

Corsets are the best!

I really love corsets. I like the way they accentuate your body and curves. They are beautiful and there are so many designs and all kinds of different styles it’s hard to choose these days. A lot of people don’t like corsets. There is a stigma around corsets as people refer to the old days where corsets were uncomfortable and not user-friendly. They refer back to the movies where the ladies were tightened up so stiffly they could hardly breath haha. It’s not the case anymore. Corsets these days are made from softer materials and they fit comfortable around the waist.


Corsets are gorgeous cause they tighten the stomach area and lift the breasts giving a beautiful cleavage and boost. What I really like about corsets are the fact that it’s so perfect to wear for lots of occasions. You can wear a day corset with a jean or short skirt. You get stunning floral corsets that is perfect for a nice summers day event. Then you can wear a corset out to an evening event. Get yourself a stunning black, maroon, gold corset and match it with a long skirt or black pants to make the most outstanding outfit. Add some accessories and high heels.


You can even use a corset for a very special occasion like a matric dance or wedding. Use a ball room gown skirt with net or chiffon. This is a very affordable way to make a beautiful dress and it won’t cost you a fortune. There are lovely corsets on the market and you can even make it more spectacular by sewing on some beads or Swarovski crystals. You can create a beautiful dress if you are working with a budget.

Corsets are perfect for bride-2-be’s. I get numerous clients that’s getting married who wears a white or cream corset under their dresses. This is so nice to give you a better-looking figure, lifts up the ladies and it looks like you’ve melted away some centimetres. Obviously you would have to go with a more plain corset, one without frills and details if you want to wear it underneath a wedding dress. What is awesome about this is you can pair it with a pretty panty or thong, garters and stockings and then have the most wonderful looking wedding night lingerie afterwards. How awesome is this? He takes off your wedding dress and wha-la you have the prettiest lingerie garment to make his dreams come true on the first wedding evening.


Then off cause don’t forget about a corset being a stunning lingerie item. There are various colours availible. There is nothing sexier than a woman in a gorgeous corset paired with a bottom, garter belt, stockings and high heels. All men love this. Its breath-taking! I personally prefer a black corset for a lingerie garment, but all colours are beautiful.


Then don’t forget about a corset being absolutely perfect for a special sexy photoshoot. If you want to spoil your other half this is really a great idea. Get yourself a corset and use it for a boudoir shoot. There is nothing sexier. This is classy and feminine but still oozes sensuality and sexuality. A pretty red corset with feathers and beads would to the thing. You can always give yourself a make-over with curly hair and stunning make-up it would be a hit. Do a photoshoot for him and surprise him with hot photos of you or make him an album or calendar. I’ve don’t this myself and it was a perfect gift. It’s really something different.


Corsets has come a long way. Since the medieval and Renaissance days, it’s been used to make a woman look like goddesses. But even in the golden era it was a hit. Woman like Marilyn Monroe was in love with corsets. It’s also used in the pin-up era and this is also a great idea for a photoshoot doing a cute pin-up theme.


These days steam punk corsets are also very popular. This is so sexy! A gorgeous black or brown steam punk corset is perfect to wear for a cool party or just to use if this is your personality. We have a lovely few of these at Lollipop Lingerie.


So these are some of my favorite corsets. You can buy them all at reasonable prices “must be best priced in SA” From Lollipop Lingerie.

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