Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir Photoshoot

Its time! Summer is here, love is in the air, our figures are getting back into shape and we need to get our sexiness back on. No more excuses we need to intrigue our partners and make them feel special. This is something you would do not only for your partner’s sake but for yourself too. You will feel like a Goddess when you see the beautiful pictures of yourself. Sure, in the beginning, it will be strange if you’ve never done it before. It will be weird to pose in seductive ways for a stranger “photographer”. But once you get used to it and into the mood there is nothing better! It’s like you totally lose yourself behind the camera. It’s hot and kinky and exciting all together!


Of cause, you need some gorgeous lingerie for the boudoir shoot. Where else to look than Lollipop Lingerie We have the widest variety and something for everyone for sure. Whatever feel you want to go for, whatever look you’re into…WHATEVER Size we have something for every woman out there.


If I do a boudoir shoot I would most definitely go for a corset as it is very suitable for the event and it portray the 1950’s look which is perfect for a boudoir shoot. A Pin-Up theme is also awesome. Bra and thong, thigh-high stockings and of cause a garter belt. Always remember the props! Lots of props! We want to make it interesting and fun.


For the perfect boudoir shoot you will need

  • choose a photographer carefully. He/she can make or break it. You can either feel amazing or horrible by the photographer’s presence.
  • a corset or a bra and thong set “even only a thong is super sexy and seductive”
  • thigh-high stockings
  • high heels preferably closed-toe part
  • a Chinese type hand fan, feather-boa or scarf “all of them can also work to change them with each shot or picture”
  • curly hair with a beautiful hair piece
  • heavy make-up
  • long bling earrings and jewellery

Black and white photographs are always a winner with a boudoir shoot.

I also love the sepia coloured photographs. This is elegant and soft.


For the perfect corset go have a look here


I personally think a Red and Black corset are perfect for a boudoir photoshoot. It is a timeless look. Red is very sexy and paired together with some gorgeous red lipstick and bronzed cheekbones you will look amazing!

How cute is the back-side of this Sexy Blue high waist panty. Perfect for a boudoir shoot.

Here's some photo of me with one of my boudoir photo shoots 😊

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